Saturday 11th October 2014
Held at the home of Lady Bruce-Gardyne, Horncastle
Commenced 2.30pm


Lady Bruce-Gardyne

Vice Presidents

Mrs J Fox-Robinson
Mrs J Grant
Mrs H Caudwell
Mrs W Iremonger
Mr R Harrison


Mrs Gill Boldy

Vice Chairman

Position vacant


Mrs G Dymoke


Mr S Barton-Collins

Committee Members

Mr D Boldy
Mrs J Worth
Mr David Norton
Mr Andrew Boynton











Members Attending: Rodney Harrison (Ex-Chairman), Lady Bruce-Gardyne (President), Shaun Collins (Treasurer), Gail Dymoke (Secretary), David Norton, Andy Boyton, David Boldy, Beth Dawson, Gill Boldy (Chairman), Helen Caudwell, Claire Harrison, Frances Carr.

Apologies for Absence: Jenny Worth, Liz Drake, Diana Douglas, Sarah Billings, June Grant, Jane Fox-Robinson

Welcome by Lady Bruce-Gardyne: Lady Bruce-Gardyne welcomed the meeting to her home and thanked Win Iremonger for her tireless efforts with advertising; Roddy Harrison, Gill Boldy and Shaun Collins for all their efforts with the 2014 Show, and David Norton for making Springfields look so lovely during the 2014 Show. She went on to say that when the LDS was founded the world was a very different place; people had their own gardeners, but time has moved on. She said that there are a plethora of Garden Societies whom she felt could be encouraged to exhibit at the LDS Annual Show and that we should attempt to draw them in. She acknowledged that it had been a difficult year but that she hoped we would have a good meeting without confrontations.

Adoption of Previous Minutes.

The minutes of the meeting held on 12th October 2013 were accepted as a true record.

Matters Arising from the Minutes.

Andy Boyton corrected the spelling of his name.

Officers’ Reports.

Chairman’s Report.

Our out-going Chairman, Mr Harrison, thanked everyone for their hard work at the 2014 Show, especially Win Iremonger for all her help with the advertising. He also thanked Lady Bruce-Gardyne for all her hard work behind the scenes; Mr Collins, our Treasurer, and the Springfield’s team for their professionalism. He said that it had been a good year for daffodils, but there were still not enough people exhibiting. He paid tribute to our Vice President, Gwen Grantham, who died earlier in the year. He said that he felt now was the time for him to step down and hand over the Chairmanship to someone else.

Treasurer’s Report.

Mr Collins presented the 2014 annual accounts for inspection. He drew the meeting’s attention to the Show expenses of 984.32, and the lack of income. Subscriptions have been used as prize money, but we are now spending from our reserves. This will fund a further four years, but if we do not increase our membership we will not be able to carry on.

Gill Boldy suggested that we consider selling a cup. She said they are a huge asset, and a worry for the winners to display. The Treasurer reported that they had been valued previously, and were insured for 5000. He will obtain a current valuation.

David Norton said that Springfields would be prepared to help cover the costs of mounting the Annual Show.

Action: Treasurer to obtain a current valuation of LDS cups.

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