Saturday 10th October 2015
Held at Springfields’ Exhipbition Centre, Spalding
Commenced 2.30pm


Mrs Jenny Worth

Vice Presidents

Lady Bruce-Gardyne
Mrs J Grant
Mrs H Caudwell
Mrs W Iremonger
Mr R Harrison


Mrs Gill Boldy

Vice Chairman

Mr Andy Boyton


Mrs G Dymoke


Mr S Barton-Collins

Committee Members

Mr D Boldy
Mr David Norton
Mrs Inga Maxwell
Mrs Liz Dixon-Spain











Members Attending: Rodney Harrison, Lady Bruce-Gardyne, Shaun Collins (Treasurer), Gail Dymoke (Secretary), David Norton, Andy Boyton, David Boldy, Gill Boldy (Chairman), Inga Maxwell

Apologies for Absence: Jenny Worth, Liz Dixon-Spain, Win Iremonger, June Grant, Helen Caudwell

Adoption of Previous Minutes.

The minutes of the meeting held on 11th October 2014 were accepted as a true record.

Matters Arising from the Minutes.


Officers’ Reports.

Chairman’s Report.

Gill Boldy reported that the Show had gone from strength to strength, and she felt we were heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, there has not been a great deal of interest in participation in The Society; although members of the public report that they are very keen to attend the Show. She remains intent on LDS developing a strategy to expand the Show. She shared a template with the meeting which she wishes to use within the committee meetings. This was felt to be a helpful tool.

Treasurer’s Report.

Mr Collins presented the 2015 annual accounts for inspection. He drew the meeting’s attention to the 2015 Show’s loss, but said that this had been expected. Membership has fallen; we have 35 members in total, and very few of these people actually exhibit at the Show.

David Boldy queried how many of these 35 actually did exhibit, and in which categories? Mr Collins did not have this information to hand, but said it would be possible to extrapolate for the next meeting.

There was some discussion about the cost of insuring the winners’ cups. We currently pay approximately £250 for this which was felt by all to be excessive. It was agreed that Mr Collins will obtain alternative quotes, and David Norton will enquire whether they can be included within Springfield’s policy with the NFU.

The accounts were proposed as a true record by Gill Boldy and seconded by David Boldy. They were adopted unanimously by the meeting.

Election of Officers and Committee Members for the forthcoming year

President: Lady Bruce-Gardyne indicated that she would like to step down from this role. She proposed Jenny Worth as President. This was seconded by Gill Boldy, and unanimously approved by the committee.

Chairman: David Norton proposed Gill Boldy, and Rodney Harrison seconded the proposal. Gill Boldy was duly elected as Chairman. She resumed the Chair.

Vice-Chairman: Andy Boyton was proposed by Gill Boldy. Shaun Collins seconded the proposal which was unanimously supported by the committee.

Treasurer: Shaun Collins was proposed by Gill Boldy, and seconded by David Boldy. Shaun Collins was duly elected Treasurer.

Secretary: Gail Dymoke was proposed by Lady Bruce-Gardyne, and Gill Boldy seconded the proposal. Gail Dymoke was duly elected Secretary.

Committee Members: Sally Bruce-Gardyne, Inga Maxwell and Liz Dixon-Spain were all accepted as a Committee Members.

Arrangements for 2016 Show

The 2016 Show will be over the weekend of 16th and 17th April 2016.


David Norton confirmed that he was happy to take on the bulk of the publicity, and repeat what he had done last year. This will include local press (The Target Group; Standard Group; Johnson Press), banners and posters, which he will distribute to committee members. He will also speak to Heart FM.

Gill Boldy agreed to speak to BBC local radio.

Gail Dymoke will liaise with the Diocesan Website

Sally Bruce-Gardyne will liaise with SLGS and The Hardy Plant Society

Presentation to Groups

Gill Boldy suggested that we continue to pursue the promotion of LDS at U3A and gardening groups in our local areas.

The following was agreed to be delivered, although it was noted that some committee members require instruction prior to commencement.

Sally Bruce-Gardyne: Horncastle U3A, Tetford, Hardy Plant Society, Lincolnshire Gardens Trust and SLGS

Andy Boyton: Bracebridge Heath, Stamford, Market Deeping, Holbeach

Gill Boldy: Lincoln, Spilsby, Burgh le Marsh and Willoughby Gardening Club

David Boldy: Skegness

Rodney Harrison: Woodhall Spa

Shaun Collins: Sleaford

David Norton: Wrangle Gardening Club

Gail Dymoke: East Barkwith

Inga Maxell will continue to take the lead on presentation to schools local to Springfields. She reported that the response last year had been very pleasing and she was happy to continue to build on this. She informed the meeting that the children were presented with book tokens supplied by Springfields and this had received positive coverage in the local Spalding press. Springfields are happy to again provide book tokens to the winning entries. Johnny Walker has also very kindly supplied 50 sets of 75 bulbs to be distributed to children.

Gill Boldy has spoken to a number of schools in her area. David Boldy commented that it would be good to have school representatives at the prize giving, although the meeting accepted that this was difficult as it was out of school hours. Inga Maxwell will follow this up when speaking to teachers.

Gill Boldy reported that it had been a struggle to engage with a number of other children’s’ organisations such as the Brownies. Both she and Inga Maxwell had pursued a number of different groups with little success. It was agreed that if we are approached by a Youth Group they can be entered into the Schools Section, but we will no longer actively pursue them.

The cup currently allocated for the Youth Group Section can now be awarded as a second prize in the Schools Section.

Herbaceous Section

After some discussion it was agreed that this section will have a notice to state that LDS reserve the right to move any exhibits following staging. We will also provide 2 extra tables for this section.

Floral Section

There was some discussion about reinstating this section. It was decided that this was not feasible. Shaun Collins will write to Mrs Garlick.


It was agreed that the committee table be positioned in the centre of the stands. LDS and Springfields to both purchase pop-up banners. Shaun Collins, Rodney Harrison and Andy Boyton to liaise over this.


Springfields have the Horace Braybrooks Challenge Trophy. His descendant, Doug Braybrooks, would like this to be awarded to an adult section. After some discussion it was agreed it will be awarded to the Novice/Open Section. Gail Dymoke took the trophy to clean.

The trophy book has been mislaid. Shaun Collins will create a new book.


To be provided by Springfields as per last year.


Shaun Collins has developed a new system, but more people will be needed to help put cards out. This will be explained more fully at the next meeting.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Win Iremonger is happy to continue to seek advertising from the Spilsby area.

Gill Boldy will draft a letter to potential advertisers/sponsors which Shaun Collins is happy to distribute.

Any Other Business

Shaun Collins informed the meeting that we have been invited to host a stand at a Flower Show at the Lincolnshire Showground in June. This is free! He will email further details

He also agreed to email a link to YouTube ‘How to Show Daffodils’.

Date of Next Meeting

Saturday 6th February 2016 at 2.30 pm at Springfields

Gail Dymoke


Lincolnshire Daffodil Society

Tel 01507 522337



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